How do I sign up for SELECT Part Store?

Click on the "How To Join" button and fill out the requested information.

Why can't I see parts pricing without logging into the SELECT Part Store?

The SELECT Part Store is customized for each user and to create this link a validation of the login credentials is required.

How do I purchase parts from the SELECT Part Store?

When a participating dealership provides you login credentials you will also be set up with a line of credit at that dealership. Other payment methods are being evaluated (e.g. Credit Cards).

How do I get my SELECT Part Store login and/or password if I have forgotten it?

You must contact the SELECT Part Store site administrator at the dealership where your account is located. If you are unsure who the site administrator is, contacting the Parts Department would be a good place to start.

How do I sign up for IMPACT Parts Catalog?

Your dealership must request initial access to IMPACT on your behalf. Contact your local dealership to begin the IMPACT registration process.

I have added trucks to my fleet, how do I add those VIN's to my IMPACT account?

Log into Trucks Customer Portal, click on "Applications" and select "Fleet Impact – Maintenance Form" or click here.

If the dealer I am working with does not have availability of the part(s) I am looking for will I be able to check the OEM warehouse stock levels?

Currently only the dealership's parts inventory is available to be viewed within the SELECT Part Store.

If I currently purchase parts from a dealership, and have established pricing levels, will that pricing be reflected in the SELECT Part Store?


Can the SELECT Part Store be set up to require a purchase order prior to completing an order?


What happens if I purchase a higher quantity of parts than allowed for a particular promotion?

The order will process with the ordered amount and the maximum discount for the promotion will be applied equally to each part. The total discount will be capped at the promotional maximum.

Why is a promotion code not applying a discount?

There are 4 likely causes:

  1. The promotion code entered was incorrect
  2. The part numbers being purchased are not eligible for the promotion code
  3. Your account has exceeded the available redemptions
  4. The entire promotion has exceeded the available redemptions

Why will only one SELECT Part Store promotion code be applied to my invoice when I have parts from multiple active promotions on a single invoice?

Currently there is a system limitation where only one promotional code will be accepted by SELECT Part Store per invoice. To overcome this, a customer will need to submit a separate order for each subsequent promotion they wish to take advantage of.

Does Select Part Store support languages other than English?

Yes, language preference can be made by SELECT Part Store users by accessing "Tools" in the SELECT Part Store site.

Can I customize how invoices are delivered to me?

Yes, invoice frequency and delivery methods can be customized by accessing "Tools" and selecting "Order Notifications" to make your preferences.